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1685 Historic Mansion of James Buckelew

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Colonial Food and Cooking Links

Colonial Food Teacher Resources on cooking
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What did colonists eat?

Root cellars were a way of protecting vegetables, such as potatoes from freezing during the winter.  Here's a good description of how they work:

It is likely a spring house would have been used by early settlers to keep food cool, since the stream ran right behind the Lakeview House.  Later ice from the lake was stored in an icehouse and used in iceboxes.  see the picture of an early Jamesburg iceman, delivering ice in his wagon

Meat was preserved by salting it, or later by soaking it in a salty and water brine mixture and smoking it in a smokehouse, like the one at the Lakeview House.  Earlier settlers may have cut up meat to strips, to make jerky

Recipes from Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Kitchens

How a Mill operates

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Penner, Lucille Recht. The Colonial Cookbook: Hastings House New York 1976.


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Early colonial recipes to try


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