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1685 Historic Mansion of James Buckelew

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 Civil War


Colonial Food Colonial Farming Milling
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Visit a living farm at the Howell Farm and see the old methods in action,  Many special programs are available for children

  Thomas Jefferson was very interested in horticulture and at his home at Monticello the gardens still flourish.

  There are thousands of seeds for vegetables and flowers that are rarely seen in today's market.  Visit the following sites to see the great variety of plants available and the efforts being made to maintain them:  &  & 

  The Gardens of Plimouth Plantation describes the earliest colonial gardens.  See Michael Weishan's site for great info on a garden for a house circa 1627.

Digging a well by hand

Agriculture and Education in Colonial America slide show

A blacksmith was essential to local farmers, for shoeing horses and making tools.  See the Dingfield Blackshmith shop and collection of old tools at the Lakeview House. For more about the colonial blacksmith trade go to
 Here's a site to see the trade of blacksmithing today


The History of  Flour Milling in Early America

How a Mill operates

Millers’ clothing

Historic Yates Mill, North Carolina on how a mill worked

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Civil War re-enactor group:

Civil War re-enactor group:

American Civil War Homepage.  Many links to a variety of civil war information.:

Mr. Lincoln and Freedom site

Civil war music and poetry:

Cornelious Low House exhibit on NJ and the civil war

Camden County's Civil War collection

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East Jersey Olde Town Village, Piscataway NJ.  Original, replica and reconstructed 18th and 19th century structures.  Student workshops and educational activities.  Tues-Fri 8:30-4:15PM Sun 1-4 PM

Cranbury Museum, Cranbury NJ. Sundays 1-4 & school groups by appointment. 
Dr. Voorhees probably built this house a few years after Mr. Buckelew moved into Lakeview

Cranbury Inn Restaurant, Cranbury NJ, was one of the early inns heading towards Philadelphia, and probably would have been a place the residents of the Lakeview House enjoyed.

 Visit a living farm at the Howell Farm, Titusville NJ, and see the old methods in action,  Many special programs are available for children

Cornelius Low House, Piscataway NJ Tues-Fri & Sun 1-4 PM 732-745-4177 
Call 8:30-4:15 PM to schedule school or group tours.  A classic Georgian Manor home built in 1741.  Changing exhibits on state and local history, student workshops and lectures, and traveling trunks for school groups.  Http://

Thomas Warne Historical Museum and Library, Old Bridge NJ.  Wed 9:30 AM -12:00 & 1st Sun 1-4 PM.  One room schoolhouse and genealogy library. 732-566-2108

Richmondtown, Staten Island- a restored historical village of 27 buildings that shows history from 17th century Dutch settlers through Victorian times.  Large site includes a general store, a Victorian Mansion, and craftsmen performing their trades, such as tinsmith.

Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park, particularly interesting in Kingston, where a locktenders house and station are still there.

Plainsboro Museum, Plainsboro NJ.  1st & 3rd Sundays 2-4:30 PM 17 room farmhouse circa 1880 with changing exhibits and educational programs. 609-799-9040.

Buccleuch Mansion, New Brunswick, NJ,  Sun 2-4 from June-Oct.  1739 home 

Museum of Early Trades and Crafts.

Wheaton village glass

Miller-Cory House  

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Lakeview Educational Programs on Colonial Cooking, Civil War, Early Tranportation.

Middlesex County Cultural & Hertitage Commission traveling exhibits:

 Architecture for Kids:  Colonial House 1620-1800

Timeline of American Revolution

The Association of Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums.

5th Grade Colonial Webquest

Since kids always ask about the outhouse:

Early colonial recipes to try

Timeline from colonial era to 1700

Cartoon History of New Jersey

Game of Colonial Jamesburg.  Could you have survived?

Colonial Kids Thinkquest- Life in the 1700's

Metropolitan Museum of Art virtual Tour of American Furniture (wealthy families)

History Detective site on Colonial America

Games kids played's_play.htm

Early literature- colonial children

Colonial Occupations

Online lesson from Monticello

Buckelew history:

Thanks to Henry Hudson and others, the Dutch had settled New York City and surrounding area at the time in the early 1600's.  The English had just taken over after the Anglo-Dutch Wars in the late 1600's when the first part of Lakeview was built. Here are several sites on that early period.

Interactive Archaeology exercises at Jamestowne site

Colonial House interactive site, from PBS series, with exercises and lessons on life in 1628 for grades 5-8.

Early America site, includes movies of George Washington and other famous people (needs high speed connection), as well as a variety of information on 18th century America.




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Bradford, William and others of the Mayflower Company, Homes in the Wilderness: A pilgim's journal.  Linnet Books Hamden Connecticut 1988.  (for upper grades)

Waber, Bernard, Just Like Abraham Lincoln.  Scholastic Books  ___________1964.  (for K-2 grades)

Perl, Lila. Slumps, Grunts and Snickerdoodles: What Colonial America Ate and Why: Seabury Press New York 1975.

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D'Amato, Janet and Alex.  Colonial Crafts for you to make:  Messner Books United States 1975.  (Step by step instructions)  

Glubock, Shirley. Home and Child Life in Colonial Days: Macmillan Co Toronto 1969.Tunis, Edwin. Colonial Living: The World Publishing Co.,Cleveland 1957.

Holliday, Carl. Women's Life in Colonial Days: Corner House Publisher, Massachusetts reprint 1968.  

Hopple, Cheryl G. The Heritage Sampler: The Dial Press New York 1975
(arts and crafts)

O'Conner, Hyla. The Early American Cookbook: Prentice Hall Englewood 1974.

Penner, Lucille Recht. The Colonial Cookbook: Hastings House New York 1976.

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GRAPHICS  got food and many other images  animated victorian graphics  Civil War photos/Lincoln photos  Confederate Clip Art

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(actually nothing to do with colonial history or the Lakeview House)

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