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1685 Historic Mansion of James Buckelew

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                 A HOUSE OF MANY WINDOWS

   You have probably passed Lakeview many times in your travels through Jamesburg.  Here is some information on the building's history:


     The original part of the house dates back to 1685. It was a one-room house. Over the years additional rooms were added. James Buckelew moved into the house in 1829 following his marriage. As his family size (he and his wife had six children) and prestige in the business community grew, Mr. Buckelew expanded the house to include the two-story front, which included, among other things, a wide center hallway, spacious double parlors and a wide, pillared verandah overlooking Lake Manalapan. Various other additions were made over the years, including the third story in the 1870s, so that today the house is a maze of twenty­three rooms, many closets, pantries, chimney nooks, and cubby­holes of various sizes and degrees of finish. Lakeview was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1979 and the State Register in 1981.

     James Buckelew died in 1869. Mrs. Buckelew continued to live in Lakeview until her death in 1890. At that time the house was purchased by the Paxton family. This family ran a boarding house here until the house was sold to the Borough of Jamesburg in 1979. In 1979, the Borough entrusted Lakeview to the care of the Jamesburg Historical Association.

     Today, the Historic Association maintains Lakeview as Jamesburg's museum. Many artifacts from Jamesburg's proud history are housed here. You will see these and many other treasures as you walk through the halls, rooms, buildings and grounds of Lakeview.



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Taken from Welcome to Lakeview

Prepared for the Jamesburg Historical Association 

by Thomas C. Bodall and Ronald R. Becker


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